Demon Jackets Baseball Training

A baseball family that you train around, learn a great game, and get high quality instruction that makes the game enjoyable. The Murray brothers, Mike Jr. (Wake Forest Demon Deacon) and A.J. (Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket, have compiled a staff of professional coaches and instructors with tremendous experience and energy for teaching the game of baseball. These instructors include former MLB pitchers, professional players, former and current college coaches, high school coaches, returning current pro players, and a great support staff to provide you a training home at TEAC. There are no secrets: advancing in the game takes hard work, and we will work our players hard, but more than that the game provides great relationships and fun in accomplishing the work and goals.


The TEAC baseball curriculum is designed to accommodate players of all ages and skill levels. Our baseball programs start as early as ages 3-5, where our focus is basics of the game and learning some baseball terms and rules. Our youth programs are centered on small group classes that focus on specific skills: hitting, pitching, defense, catching. These programs keep low enrollment to ensure athletes and young players are receiving the attention they need.


The TEAC basketball Philosophy is to teach the body while training the mind for basketball and life. We stress the importance of teamwork and fundamentals to all of our athletes. Our group training sessions are aimed at middle school and high school student-athletes. All training sessions for college and professional athletes are held privately.


At The Express, our goal is to tailor training programs to meet the needs of our athletes.  When a player trains in our program, they will be exposed to comprehensive drills and skill building that will prepare them to become an impact player and teammate for their respective programs.  Our staff consists of experienced and knowledgeable field hockey coaches that know the game and more importantly, know how to teach it.


Our programs are designed to teach all of our students the game of golf. Students will learn the same proven techniques that the pros have learned throughout the gold playing days. Whatever your handicap, whatever your age or ability, the principles we teach will improve their game.


Our TEAC golf facility is fully equipped for indoor instruction and ball-hitting.


Come and join us at TEAC for Volleyball. Combining the expert volleyball training from and professional fitness training from TEAC to get the best from both worlds.


Whether you are looking to improve your skills, get fit, hang out with friends, or you just want to know a little more about what your kids are taught at practice then this is the place for you.


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