Demon Jacket Baseball Training

What is Demon Jacket Baseball Training?


A baseball family that you train around, learn a great game, and get high quality instruction that makes the game enjoyable. The Murray brothers, Mike Jr. (Wake Forest Demon Deacon) and A.J. (Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket, have compiled a staff of professional coaches and instructors with tremendous experience and energy for teaching the game of baseball. These instructors include former MLB pitchers, professional players, former and current college coaches, high school coaches, returning current pro players, and a great support staff to provide you a training home at TEAC. There are no secrets: advancing in the game takes hard work, and we will work our players hard, but more than that the game provides great relationships and fun in accomplishing the work and goals. Our staff is a group of coaches that respects each other's work ethic, accomplishments, and desire to pass on information. Likewise, we hope that our doors stay a training home for players at all levels that want to enjoy this game and get the best instruction around.


For the Beginner:

Get involved in Rookie Skills! Through private instruction or our rookie skills class, you will learn baseball fundamentals. Through competitions and drills you will learn baseball and our primary goal is to evangelize young players in baseball! We don't want our guys having more fun at lacrosse or soccer, we want them to learn this great game!


For the Serious Player:

Our staff has competed and trained at the highest levels in the sport and over a long period time with staff members that pitched in the Major Leagues four decades ago and today. Utilizing a huge breadth of institutional knowledge, combined with the technology and equipment leading some of the cutting edge trends in the game, our staff will prepare the serious player for the game's biggest challenges and hurdles. Whether you are Billy Martin old school or the most metric-based and analytically inclined, we will utilize all of our resources to provide comprehensive training solutions. Our staff, through experience and education, is always learning and improving our offerings to be usable on the field!


Come Make your Baseball Training Home over at TEAC with Demon Jacket training!


Winter Training is Coming!

Demon Jacket Baseball Training based out of The Express Athletic Center is happy to announce its full slate of winter training and programming. Led by professional instructors and training personnel, Demon Jacket training offers classes in each fundamental and at every level. From Rookie Skills to our college/pro guys working in throughout the winter.

WINTER SCHEDULE: Effective Monday, November 5, 2018

REGULARLY OFFERED CLASSES: All classes listed below are offered in individual class packages, drop-in sessions, or for best value, all of these classes are available with the four-month Demon Jacket Winter Warrior membership.


Man vs. Machine Hitting 7pm-8pm


Rookie Skills 4pm-5pm

Infield Rep Sessions 7pm-8pm

Catching Boot Camp 8pm-9:30pm


Youth Arm Care/Pitching Academy

Man vs. Machine Hitting 7pm-8pm


Infield Rep Sessions 7pm-8pm


Man vs. Machine Hitting 7pm-8pm


Omaha Challenge 7am-8:15am

SPECIALTY PROGRAMS/OFFERINGS: Specialty classes are not included in the Demon Jacket Winter Warrior program, and are geared for advanced players. These include our metric-based programs in bat speed, exit velocity, arm care, pitching, which are custom-fit and orchestrated using Driveline baseball products and technology. These also include our catching academy and advanced infield academy. All of these programs are geared to transform your game. Get the reps with the package, get the nuance and advanced training with these specialty offerings.

Velocity/Arm-Care Program: Utilizing the dynamic and innovative Driveline products, solutions, and metric-based evaluations, this program is a comprehensive throwing, strength, arm care, and mostly making free-moving and dynamic athletes on the mound. These are not fads, gimmicks, this is the science that is going to prepare your arm and body to compete at the highest levels on the mound.


Bat Speed/Exit-Velocity Program: The complement to the metric-based pitching program, this hitting program is designed, through a customized program, make hitters dynamic in their movements and understand how and why their body moves the way it does. Again, utilizing Axe Bat and Driveline's technology and equipment to implement the program. This is grounded in fundamental hitting philosophies and technology that will help us better understand hitters strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.


Catching Boot Camp: There is no more nuanced and important defensive position than the guys seeing the whole field behind home plate. Our 12 week catching boot camp will be an intense training for middle-school and high-school aged catchers. Our catching instructors know a thing or two about playing the position at a high level. Our staff features: Six 1st-Team All-State catching seasons, three professional catchers, A Johnny Bench Award Finalist, A Gatorade Player of the Year, and two Cape League All-Stars behind the dish. If you want to learn the tools of the trade, we have the guys to teach you!


Friday Night Live!: Running for eight weeks in January and February, this simple concept provides pitchers, hitters, and catchers the unique opportunity to get live at bats against a pitcher or hitter with an umpire at our indoor facility! It is great for pitchers to throw their bullpen and build up innings into tryouts, and great for hitters to get live at bats before hopping into tryouts! Don't wait for five cold weather scrimmages to find your timing! When hitters aren't in a live group, they are hitting in the cages getting additional reps. A cost-effective way to get winter reps without having to travel to dome leagues!

Express Baseball Teams 8U-12U

Interested in winter training and a spring/summer/fall Academy baseball program? Express is holding evaluations this November!


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Private Lessons

Fall ball is about to wrap up, our baseball/softball instructors are ready to work with beginner, intermediate, and advanced players of all skill levels in private instruction. Privates offered by professional coaches in pitching, hitting, defense, catching.


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Staff and Programmed by Demon Jacket Baseball

Who We Work With?

Youth/Little Leagues: You are a youth baseball/softball league president, coach, commissioner, how do you advance your league? It is a delicate balance between developing interest for all players of all abilities levels and keeping them interested in the game, and also developing your travel level players into more competitive teams. Our winter training can be set up by team, age group, skill level, positions, whatever method best develops your league. Traditionally, these programs are 8, 10, 12 week sessions with a team/age group/session broken up in an hour, 90 minute, or two-hour sessions. We have had leagues run tee-ball through their oldest age group in 10 consecutive hours, or a single team in an hour slot. 

Club Organizations: Club organizations are a year-round endeavor to develop players and prepare for events in the spring, summer, and fall. Our professional instructors and staff is happy to house these club organizations and hopefully build homes for central New Jersey club organizations that don’t operate their own facilities. Add our strength and condition component for holistic training.

High Schools: Don’t let the first Friday in March sneak up on your HS team. Through senior captains, diamond clubs, volunteers, etc. high school winter training for 8-10 weeks is a great way to build team culture and get ready for March. We work with schools on fitting time slots that allows winter athletes to participate. Typical sessions are 8-10 weeks one or two times per week. Add strength and conditioning component for one stop shop. 

Space Amenities:

  • Open Turf for defensive drills and team concepts

  • 3 cages (4th available if needed)

  • Additional training space for metric-based training, tee work, and Driveline wall

  • Two Hack Attacks

  • Two state-of-the-art automated machines for baseball and softball

  • Portable pitching mounds

  • Driveline college/pro package: Axe Bat weighted bat and balls, bands

  • New HVAC, Concession Stand, lobby with wifi for parents

  • On-site speed and agility, strength and conditioning, and physical therapy!

Training Options

OPTION A: Space Rental: Your organization rents space and provides their own coaches and instructors.


OPTION B: Space Rental and staffed by Demon Jacket baseball/softball instructors. We sit with program/organizational leaders and set up:


  1. Objectives for your training

  2. Goals

  3. Number of Instructors

  4. Skills to be delivered

  5. Any specialized training that a league or organization requires


OPTION C: Space Rental and staffed by Demon Jacket baseball/softball instructors. We sit with program/organizational leaders and set up:


  1. Objectives for your training

  2. Goals

  3. Number of Instructors

  4. Skills to be delivered

  5. Any specialized training that a league or organization requires

  6. Add Strength/Conditioning component as needed by program (mostly clubs and high schools)

Set up your winter training consultation today with the Demon Jacket training staff and plan your customized winter training. 

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